Candidate Time Keeping Systems

Staffinders, Inc. has multiple ways of obtaining hours for your candidates.

Paper - ​Our most popular process is paper time cards. Even though it is not as tech savy as the rest of the 21st century it is a process that works. You as the client make the decision of sending them directly to our payroll department or requiring the candidate to handle this task directly. All the client needs to do is sign for approval.

Time Clock System - We have a time clock system that can be set up on-site as long as an internet connection is available. The candidate is given a swipe badge and you have user rights to access and approve the time cards online.

Your Own - If you have your own system that you would prefer to use than submit the hours report weekly to our payroll department via fax or email.

Working Team Lead

This is an individual we place as a contractor in your facility that is fully trained on Staffinders, Inc.'s processes/procedures and serves as the main contact for all other Staffinders, Inc.'s contractors. The working team lead will be responsible to report absenteeism/tardiness and initially handle any questions and or concerns. Staffinders, Inc. is responsible for any hourly difference in pay or salary.

​Vendor Management

Staffinders, Inc. will take responsibility for one-track billing if utilizing multiple staffing firms. We will negotiate with the clients staffing companies to take on paying and billing through Staffinders, Inc. This will help our clients keep one uniform payroll and billing program for staffing services.


Staffinders, Inc.


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One Recruiter Policy

While our entire staff will understand and recognize each of our client's needs, you will be assigned to one Account Manager for your recruitment needs. This will optimize communication and time management and eliminate repetition and error.

​Onsite Recruitment

With 50+ contractual employees, you have the option to have our recruiter, full-time at your facility, at NO COST. All recruitment processes are handled from your facility. This includes sourcing, interviewing, testing, tours, reporting, employee counseling, terminations etc... There are many benefits to having an Onsite Recruiter. We serve as the main contact for any questions/ concerns our contractors may have.


"Thank you. Also, I want to say it’s great how attentive you are. Many of the individuals that work through temp agencies never hear from their recruiters again...never receive responses...never have the pleasure of seeing them at their worksite. You are completely outside of that expected box. So thank you for being rad and excellent to work with." - Taylor

​Staffinders, Inc. is specialized in all areas of hire. We are the extension to your HR department. No job is too big or too small.

Contact our Account Executive today for more information. ​


If you have been pre authorized to pay with AMEX please click "Pay Now"

Only pre approved clients are able to pay with AMEX. If you would like to

be added to the list of authorized users contact our A/R at 216-901-0303.


Placement Options

Contract to Hire - ​Staffinders, Inc. does not charge conversion fees once contractual hours have been met.

Direct Placement - Staffinders, Inc. has a dedicated department for specialized and hard to find positions. Our team sources and finds you the right candidate for a low one time fee. Staffinders, Inc. does not charge for sourcing fees!

Payrolling - Staffinders, Inc. will employ your own employees. This is a great opportunity if you don't have the current room to hire full time due to limitations and caps for a full-time workforce. Staffinders, Inc. discounts rates for payrollers to insure this is a helpful tool for our clients.

Infinite Placement - This plan was designed in a direct understanding of the ACA mandate. As our client, you have the option to have an employee on longer than the typical 90-day contract to hire. Some positions are 1 or 2 years long before our client is able to hire in a candidate full-time. Due to this, we create Infinite Placement that will allow your candidate to be on our payroll until infinity. With this option, there are many ways this can help your workforce and payroll amounts stay under the radar of the ACA mandate of 50 or more full time and FTE.